Dear friends!

Welcome to the camels farm LAIDOYA, in which we have tried to create an island of peace and tranquility. We are engaged in breeding tribal Bactrian camels.

As soon as we have delivered the first batch of animals around our farm began to gather people and just relax around the farm, arrange picnics and trying to see over fences bizarre forms of local "inhabitants". Then it was decided to open the doors to our farm and to arrange for people vacation directly on the farm in more comfortable conditions!

We invite everyone to take a walk along the farm and enjoy the grace and tranquility of the majestic two-humped camels and personally participate in their feeding and caring for them. For more convenience we offer to relax in a cozy tent.

We purposefully abandoned the idea of the organizing of feeding points on the farm, since the smoke of barbecues and other prepared products can be detrimental to the health of pets. But it does not mean that you will be left hungry - order any dish from the menu, and courier will deliver it into your tent in 15 minutes from a neighboring economy.

Visiting the farm will healthfully impact on your inner state. The contrast of the countryside and exotic camel immerse in an unusual state of trepidation and awe before nature. As though the farm being designed for relaxation, meditation and simple relaxation. There cannot be found bustling passers-by, we have impression that all imbued with the grandeur of the place and try not to disturb the steady rest.

Contemplation of camels and chat with them can be equated to the landscape of therapy due to exotic animals themselves and surprising disposition bactrians. This is one of the few animals on which you can spend hours just watching, getting from this quite understandable pleasant impressions and emotions.

We invite you and will be glad to see you!

^ Наверх ^