Welcome to the camel farm LAIDOYA!

Camels farm - ethno - historical agrocomplex on breeding tribal camels in terms of their ecologically pure pasture paddock content with open visiting farm and complete cycle for the production of camel products.

Only here you can see just as much unique wildlife ships of the desert bactrian camels. Camels are unique and precious animals. Proud, arrogant and imperturbable tribal males, surprisingly beautiful, graceful and attractive female camels, absolutely charming, kind and affectionate colts, communication with them, will give you joy and good cheer for a long time. No wonder that there is a legend that the stars in the sky is a camels belonging to Allah in heaven.

Fascinating excursions into the world of harmony with nature and an unforgettable experiences are waiting for you.

Come visit, it will be interesting for both adults and children!

Give a gift of camel fluff is...

  • Means to show your sincere feelings;
  • Surround your friends and relatives with warmth and attention;
  • Gift with love, will preserve the warm relations for years.

We offer products made of 100% camel noil

Pre-order can be left on the site .
Or tel : 8-800-550-54-55 (free call across Russia)